Psychological Perspectives TAQ1 PART2

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Psychological Perspectives TAQ1 PART2

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Does anybody have an information regarding the above TAQ, I am currently discussing cognitive and behaviorism but I am pulling my hair out with the evaluating the methods of data. I have discussed hypervigilance and the case study ie woman , blood in the brief description section. For the evaluation am I discussing the strength and weaknesses of the case study or cognitive behaviour (confusing). As an example this is what I have below as a start....

Cognitive bias such as hypervigilance seems to give a good account of individual differences in susceptibility to OCD.

Thanks any help will be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Psychological Perspectives TAQ1 PART2

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Hi Collgayn

There is several posts on this subject that will probably help you... Go to Social Sciences and Psychology and then Perspectives in Psychology :thumbup:
Believe you can and you're halfway there :dance:

Received an offer for Forensic Psychology (2017) :D

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