Maths TAQ 6. d)

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Maths TAQ 6. d)

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Can anyone help i'm stuck on TAQ 6 d) 5/6 - (1/3-1/4)

Can some one give me a tip on how to work it out?


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Re: Maths TAQ 6. d)

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First of all you need to convert your fractions using the lowest common denominator, so they are all in the same language so to speak. This means you are converting the bottom halves of the fractions so they are all the same.

Using a different sum, to give you a simple example:

What is 3/4 - 1/8?

= 6/8 - 1/8 (8 is the lowest common denominator as both 4 and 8 go into 8, as I've multipled 4 x 2 to get 8, I need to multiply the top half by 2 also)

= 5/8 (now the bottom figures are all the same, you just calculate the sum using the top half of the fraction)

Apply the same principle to the TAQ and find the lowest common denominator that will take 6, 3, 4. When you do the question though you will need to work out the portion of the sum in brackets first before you take this answer off 5/6 (hint.. or 10/12)!

Hope this makes some sense... it can be so difficult to explain maths when your not actually talking somebody through it while they are working it out.

Also, try ... vity.shtml, it might explain it a little better than me lol!

Hope this helps


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