Maths project - write up! Please help!

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Maths project - write up! Please help!

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Hi All,

I have started my write up of this experiement, and I'm struggling to pad it out!
How much did you write for the first lot of subheadings - Introdcution, Aim?
I feel like im just repeating myself!

I'm a bit stuck on objectives of this experiement as well?
would ask my tutor but she is away for two weeks.

Can anyone give me some pointers so that I can increase how much I've written?! I would really appreciate and help.....I just want to get maths completed!

Thank you.

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Re: Maths project - write up! Please help!

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Yes you set it out in subheadings and it does actually tell you in the assessment what the purpose of the experiment is, so have a look at the information again and you will find it.

Karen :)
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