Application of number

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Application of number

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Hi Guys, just wondering if anybody else found the first part of maths level 2 quite challenging? I was hoping to have it completed by the time my tutor comes back of leave but that isn't going to happen.
Worried about my ILP now as well because I really didn't think it would take me this long, struggling on this makes me think level is going to be 100 times worse arrghhhhh


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Re: Application of number

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Try not to over think it. As a 'mature' student I was taught a different way to multiply and divide etc but as long as you show your working out and get the questions correct, it's not a problem.
Try looking at BBC bitesize for help as well.

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Re: Application of number

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I found this module quite a challenge and was also taught differently, i found fraction websites helpful, i had to re-teach myself how to work them out which took a few days, i also found that taking a step back and trying not to panic helped me to re focus....Good luck.

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