SAQ uploads

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SAQ uploads

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Do we HAVE to use the SAQ sheets for uploading evidence that we have completed the SAQs? I am on Maths L2 and, to work out the answers to questions have written on the topic handouts and in a notepad. Can I not just scan the answers I have wrote on these documents as evidence that I have completed SAQs? I have of course marked these answers.

If I understand correctly, on the SAQ sheet we have to write out the question we were asked AS WELL AS the answer. Is that correct? If so, that's just a waste of time isn't? The 'having to write the question out again part?'.

Can someone come back to me and let me know?


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Re: SAQ uploads

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No for maths you don't, they are just really there so that you will put the right information on them.

Writing out the question is not a wast of time as the Ascentis moderators will need to see your evidence and they will not have gone through the materials as you have.

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