Maths Level 2 first TAQ Assessment

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Maths Level 2 first TAQ Assessment

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It's my first time posting on the forum but I can't seem to find an answer to my question in other topics...

Just got my password for the Level 2 Maths assessment, are we supposed to print it off and complete it in pen? - An issue as I don't have access to a scanner :thumbdown:

OR do we use the same document on Word that we do the SAQs on and that will be okay? :eh:

Help would be appreciated!



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Re: Maths Level 2 first TAQ Assessment

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Hi Sophie,

If you open the PDf in Adobe Acrobat you will find that there are fields in which you can type on the assessment sheet so you can fill the PDF in by computer, or as we say in the handbook if you can only do an assessment by hand then you can post the assessment to your tutor.

Best Wishes

Karen :)
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