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Homework 5

]Firstly, when I read “Touching the Void” I felt so sorry for Joe and his account of what happened in this disaster then as I continued reading onto Simon’s account I was mortified. How can two very close friends think so differently and how scared must Joe feel.
The author uses alliteration during this poem which highlights the extent of the pain Joe is in while adding to the use of short, blunt statements. I like the words he uses to described his pain, grated, fireball, ruptured, twisted, crushed, grotesque and burnt, very describing words, making it easy for the reader to understand.
Joe remains “hopeful” throughout the poem, hoping that he can get Simon and himself off the mountain and he also gives you the impression he is “determined” and will attempt anything to get Simon and himself off the mountain.

Throughout the poem he also thinks of the welfare of Simon, he thinks of Simon all the time, putting him first in his thoughts. Any person in this position would do the same thing, however, at some point Joe does give the reader the impression of being “weak” as he starts to feel frightened, and unaware of what could really happen. This is when Joe starts to think that his friend may leave him behind.

When I started reading Simon’s account of this incident, my first thoughts were of Simon being “selfish” and how can he think of himself in this type of situation. He is willing to betray his friend and leave him behind.

The language Simon uses is a little distressing, he uses “pathetic” how can this be the first word out of his mouth, while his first thought was Joe “was dead”. Simon shows no motivation is trying to get Joe down off the mountain, he thinks of himself all the way through.

Both accounts are so different, the impression of Joe is he is a good person, thinking of his friend and the safety of him, whilst Simon gives me the opposite, he makes me feel angry, he is selfish and not very sincere. How can two people who are supposed to be feeling of the other. However, Simon gives me the impression that Simon relies on Joe, he is stronger than him.

I enjoyed this comparison poem but it would upset me if it was my friend thinking of themselves. : :thumbup:

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Hi Molly

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