GCSEE English Welcome

If you are studying English GCSE Equivalence then this forum is for you to use for help and support
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GCSEE English Welcome

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Hi all,

The English GCSEE is now available and so we have produced this forum for you to ask questions and help each other.

What you will find is that if you have already completed our level 2 in English is that you will already have 6 credits towards the GCSEE and only have 6 to do to complete the course.
You will however, need to make sure that you have Skype as one of the units is speaking and listening and therefore you have to complete a face to face with your tutor. The information on Skype is in the handbook.

There are 12 credits in English GCSEE's

Do let us know what you think and as usual do help each other.

Best wishes

Karen :D
DLC Executive Director

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