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ILP help

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Hi... I'm doing an access to midwifery plus three gcses...

First of all I would like to know if I'm doing the gcses now or just the compulsory modules, or are they the same. Right now I've been told to complete units 1-3...

You will probably be starting with the GCSE Equivalences but it us hard to say as i do not know what units 1-3 you are doing ( this is because all units are numbered this way) so you need to tell us the topic first

And also, I am not in any rush to get it done, I would like to take as long as I'm allowed, how long do I spend on each unit? Or Say English 1-3 for instance? I need to fill out my ILP but am finding it very difficult. I've been told to read the graphs below the ILP example but it still makes no sense to me

You can take as long as you want but you need to remember that when you have run out of days, i.e. 365 for the Dip and plonk for the GCSEE's then you will go on the flat fee. The ILP is very important if you have set dates to finish

Karen :)

Thanks in advance

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Re: ILP help

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Answered in the text

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