Units 4 and 5

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Units 4 and 5

Post by Mombasaqueen »

Hi everyone..
Is anyone else currently doing Unit 4 or 5? How are you finding it?
I have just sent off my essay on Child Poverty and have started looking at Unit 4...its quite detailed and broad than i expected. Its exciting though coz it makes one think about different strategies i suppose.
It would be nice to have a comrade in the same path :)


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Re: Units 4 and 5

Post by Karen Hayday »

Do put your request on the study buddy page.

Best wishes

Karen :wink:
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Re: Units 4 and 5

Post by alfiesnan »

I'm just starting this unit and, having read through it today, there seems to be lots to do, more than anticipated, but, not at all impossible. However, I've tried and tried to access te 'End Child poverty' website and it appears the link is broken. Been trying all afternoon, so, have now come to a very fast halt which is slightly annoying x Good luck with it all!

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