Mental helath issues assment help

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Mental helath issues assment help

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If anyone is currently doing the same mental health issues assessment as me some help would be great. I am on the assessment criteria that asks you to choose one disorder and discuss the impact of it on one age group: adults, children, adolescents or elderly. Since the materials gives you all the information relating to adolescents I would have thought it would be that, but if I am relating it back to the TAQs case study which is 'Johns mum' would I then have to relate it to adults?

All I'm asking is for someone to point me in the right direction :?
Thanks for any help in advance :)


Dominic Quaintrell
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Re: Mental helath issues assment help

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Hi Chrissie,

As it is John's mum who has the mental illness, then it is her symptoms on which you should comment. The materials apply to a wide range of age groups - not just adolescents. For example, take a look at the classification systems from page 23 onwards. It is also a good idea to conduct some of your own research to find symptoms for a particular illness.

As always, I recommend booking in for a tutorial if you're still unsure.


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Re: Mental helath issues assment help

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Mental illness of mother can cause really bad impact on the child as well so I think that you should relate it to the baby as well in the assessment. I was getting the treatment at the private health care center for my headache and there was a lady with depression and her little girl was also having same issue because of suddenly changing behavior of her mom.

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