Health and Social care provision TAQ1

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Health and Social care provision TAQ1

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HI :wave:
I have started writing TAQ1 B (Compare and contrast 2 means of measuring the services described above)
I started by writing about meeting targets and outcome measurements as my 2 points but as I have started writing I have got a bit stuck on what to talk about.
Should I change my points or does anyone have any helpful pointers??
Thanks :)

Zoe Reddin
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Re: Health and Social care provision TAQ1

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Outcome measures are a good start for this TAQ, maybe you could also look at process measures (or indicators as they are sometimes known). You could briefly explain what each of these are, and then explain how they are similar and how they are different. Remember that there are lots of ways to measure a service, and this could be along the lines of user surveys, audits, inspections etc. and any 2 of these would be fine to use in your answer.

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