Planning a research project (health and social care)

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Planning a research project (health and social care)

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So I have completed the majority of this assessment and I have no idea if I am on the right track, I have discussed some concerns with my tutor and I think I am ok with those aspects now!

A couple of quick questions.

'What will you do with the irrelevant information'
Have I missed something important here? Would it not be to just disregard it?

'How will you categorise your text?'
Is this basically just saying i will code my text into a variety or relevant words or phrases based on my topic and will enter them into a tally chart?

For the materials I will need to use, is this as simple as the question seems? So newspapers, pens etc?

Write a guide to how you will carry out the investigation...
I'm struggling how to out this all down without sounding too basic!


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Re: Planning a research project (health and social care)

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Hi Jess,
You are right about the irrelevant information; you would just disregard it as it wouldn't be needed in your study. The coding for this study would just be an explanation of how you would use the tally chart, so words or phrases linked to the aim of your study. Materials is everything that you can think of that you would use, from newspapers to pens, and the procedure should be a step by step guide of each task that you will follow to complete your study; it may seem basic but this is because a plan for a research project should be able to be used by anyone assisting you with the study and therefore they could follow this as a guide.

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