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June 15 Starter

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Starting Social Work Diploma, how many others are studying SW, how you finding it?


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I've not done the SW access course myself, but just wanted to welcome you to the DLC and the forums! :thumbup: :D
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Re: June 15 Starter

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I'm just getting started - have done the ungraded units and getting stuck into Psychology now. There don't seem to be many Social Work people on the forum though to be honest. I'm enjoying it, once I get into a unit, but am in the right frame of mind now. It's always worth having a look at the resources provided on DLC website, and doing your own research too. Oh and the essential reading has been really useful to, so certainly invest in the textbooks (you can get them second hand on amazon).

Best of luck :)

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I am very proud that these messages are helpful. I promise I will take these methods to use in my daily life.

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