Uni Offer conditions

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Uni Offer conditions

Post by PinkPrincess89 »

Hi everyone:)

I'm studying Access to Midwifery NM Option 2. I only have the biology units to complete and then I'm done.

I have an offer for Midwifery at uni, and the conditions of my offer are to achieve 18 Distinctions in science based units; these can come from physical or social sciences. My question is, are any of the 'Social Issues in Healthcare' topics classed as Sociology units? I've looked at the AQA A Level Sociology specification, and it looks very similar to the stuff I've studied in those units.

Thank you :)

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Re: Uni Offer conditions

Post by PPoskitt »

Firstly, fantastic news that you have almost made it and got through all the modules - congratulations on that one - keep going!

For the main question - can anyone help any further in this matter please? Karen Hayday?

All the best :thumbup:
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Re: Uni Offer conditions

Post by Karen Hayday »

Hi Pink Princess,

I think that you should be fine. Hoever, make completely sure I would contact your univiersity and tell them that you are completing units on social issues in health care which are social science relating to health. Then ask them if all of them can be part of your offer of social and physicial science. Make sure that you do it in writing and send them a list of the units titles so that you will get a definitve answer in writing just in case you need to proove anything later.

Hope this helps

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Re: Uni Offer conditions

Post by Bane Harper »

Hi PinkPrincess- :wave: I have also started studying Access to Midwifery course. Just submitted my first assessment and onto the 2nd now...

Congratulations for making it through and good luck for journey ahead :thumbup:

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