Replying to University Offers

What is it like? How do you do it? What about interviews? What are different Universities and Colleges like?
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Jane Dowd
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Replying to University Offers

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Hi All,

Just a reminder of the key dates you need to reply to university offers by

These are based on when we get the last decision in from your unis or colleges. Check Track to see your personal deadline.

Last decision received on or before... Means your reply date is...
31 March 2017 4 May 2017 (if your postal address is in the EU)
5 May 2017 8 June 2017
8 June 2017 22 June 2017
13 July 2017 20 July 2017

Best wishes


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Re: Replying to University Offers

Post by PPoskitt »

Exciting times for you all. Wishing you all the best :thumbup: :D
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Re: Replying to University Offers

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It certainly is exciting! Good luck to everyone! :thumbup:
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Bane Harper
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Re: Replying to University Offers

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Thanks Jane for the reminder

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