UCAS Extra starts on 25th February 2018

What is it like? How do you do it? What about interviews? What are different Universities and Colleges like?
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UCAS Extra starts on 25th February 2018

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Hi All

Just to remind you if you have used all 5 choices and are not holding any offers Extra starts on 25/2/18.
There is no need to wait for clearing.
Below are some FAQ's about Extra from UCAS:
Am I eligible to use Extra?
You’re eligible for Extra if you’ve used all five choices in
your application and you’re not holding any offers. This
means that all your choices must be either unsuccessful,
you’ve declined any offers or cancelled any choices you
have not received decisions for.

How will I know if I am eligible to use Extra?
In the ‘Your choices’ section of Track the option to ‘Add
an Extra choice’ will become available.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to use Extra?
No – providing you are definitely eligible for Extra, i.e.
you’ve already used all five choices, you would have paid
all you needed to when you submitted your application.

How do I add a course in Extra?
You add an Extra choice in Track. If you’re eligible,
you’ll see the ‘Add an Extra choice’ option in the ‘Your
choices’ section. Click on this link and enter the details
of the university and course – UCAS will then make your
application available to them.

What if I’m still waiting for decisions from some
of my choices when Extra opens?
You don’t need to be ready to use Extra on 25 February.
At whatever point you become eligible – up until early
July – the ‘Add an Extra choice’ option will become
available in Track.

How many Extra choices can I make?
There’s no limit to the number of times you can add
an Extra choice to your application while Extra is
running, but you can only ever have one being
considered at a time.

Will all the universities have places available
in Extra for all their courses?
Not necessarily; each university or college decides
which of its courses (if any) it has available for Extra.
They inform UCAS using an online system, and these
courses can then be filtered in our search tool as courses
available through Extra.

How can I apply through Extra if the course
I want isn’t available?
If the course you want to apply for is not listed in the
search tool as being available through Extra, but the
university is happy for you to apply, you should ask the
university to open the course in Extra for you. If they
agree to do this, you’ll be able to add the choice through
Track. UCAS can’t do this on behalf of the universities.

If I want to use Extra, but I haven’t received
decisions from some of my original choices what
should I do?
To be eligible for Extra, you must have used all five initial
choices and not be holding any offers, or waiting for any
decisions. If you’re still waiting for decisions from some
of your choices but you’re certain you’re not interested
in these anymore and you don’t want to wait for their
decisions, you can cancel these outstanding choices in
Track. The ‘Add an Extra choice’ option will then become
available. You should think carefully before doing this
because you won’t be able to reinstate these choices if
you change your mind.

Is it true that if the university or college doesn’t
make a decision within 21 days I have to replace
them with another Extra choice?
No, this isn’t the case. A university or college should
try to make their decision in Track within 21 days, but
sometimes they need longer. The ‘Add an Extra choice’
option will automatically become active again after 21
days. You must then decide whether to keep waiting for
the university or college to make a decision, or to replace
it with another choice instead. However, if you do replace
it with another choice, this will prevent the university you
are waiting for from making their decision.

Is there a deadline for when I have to reply to an
offer I’ve received in Extra?
Yes. If you receive an offer in Extra, the date you must
reply by is shown in Track. You must reply by this date
otherwise your offer will be automatically declined.

If I’m offered a place through Extra, do I have to
accept it as my firm choice, or can I accept it as an
insurance choice and send my application to another
university or college?
You can only have one Extra choice at any given time,
so if you receive an offer through Extra you must either
accept it as your firm choice or decline it. If you decline the
offer you’ll be able to add another Extra choice providing
there’s still time. If you use Extra, you will never have an
insurance choice.

I’m applying for a different subject, can I change my
personal statement?
You can’t change your personal statement, so if you’re
applying for a course that’s different from your initial
choices, it’s a good idea to contact the university or
college. Explain to them you’ve changed your mind
and offer to send them a revised personal statement.

If I accept a place in Extra, can I decline it and
go into Clearing later?
By accepting an offer in Extra you’re making a
commitment to that university or college and you’ll
be placed with them if you meet the conditions of their
offer. If you don’t meet the conditions of their offer, you
will automatically become eligible for Clearing.

I only made four choices because I applied for
medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or veterinary
science courses, and I’ve been unsuccessful with all
of them. How can I use Extra as I haven’t used all
five choices?
As you have not used five choices, you can’t normally use
Extra at this stage. However, if you’ve been unsuccessful
at your four medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or
veterinary science choices, and you have seen a vacancy
in Extra for one of these subjects, contact the university
to check if there are still places. If the university confirms
there are vacancies and that they’re willing to consider
your application, please telephone our contact centre
on 0371 468 0 468 for advice.

Best wishes


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