What is it like? How do you do it? What about interviews? What are different Universities and Colleges like?
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Hi guys!!! I have a midwifery selection tomorrow. Apparently there's a long selection process; an interview, group work, and a test. Has anyone already been to one of these selection days? I am quite nervous as I'm not sure how hard the numeracy and written test will be, and what sort of questions to expect for the interview.

thank you!!!!

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Hi Wuzy,
put in to your search engine Midwifery pre selection interviews at (what ever univesity it is) and you will probably come up with details of exactley what happens for example I found this one.
http://www.healthcare.ac.uk/courses/mid ... or-nurses/

and there are videos


Plus this blog https://midwifediaries.com/midwifery-in ... resources/
All the interviews are very similar and before you go brush up on your maths and English skills by going over our level 2 units or taking the mock test produced by the univesities just put into your search engine 'maths and English tests for Midwifery'

Make sure that they are not selling anything and also that they are british or the info will not be relevent

Do let us know how you get on and very good luck

Karen :thumbup:
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