Personal statements

What is it like? How do you do it? What about interviews? What are different Universities and Colleges like?
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Personal statements

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Dear all,

Please remember that we will look at your personal statements as part of your course costs, we have just heard that others are charging. All our tutors have helped hundreds of students to get into H.E and therefore have a very good idea of what universities want. If you are offered, for a charge, some one in the industry to check over your personal statement, I would personally not accept as nurses, midwives, social workers, teachers, health professionals …. I could go on, are not usually university admissions tutors and therefore have no real idea what admissions tutors are looking for now.

Please ask your tutor to look over you personal statement it costs you nothing and could make a difference between a yes and a no to an interview.

You also have to remember that the UCAS personal statements are checked by UCAS to make sure no one has copied from some one else, so if the company/website/forum you have asked to check it uses someone else’s good ideas to help you, you could be banned from the UCAS application system immediately.

We do not keep copies of student’s personal statements to help others as it is not fair, other companies/websites/forums may do this and therefore you could be banned for plagiarism before you start, so please beware and please do not pay for something your have already paid for!

In your best interests

Karen :!:
DLC Executive Director

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