Paramedic Courses @ University

What is it like? How do you do it? What about interviews? What are different Universities and Colleges like?
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Paramedic Courses @ University

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I just thought I'd share three important links to anyone considering applying to University to be a Student Paramedic. There are thousands+++ of reports and papers out there worth a read, but here are a few bits of information that would be worth looking into before attending any interviews. Above all, they're an interesting read to anyone who wants a basic understanding of the Ambulance Service regardless! ... vices.aspx ... ports.aspx ... eaflet.pdf

Remember that Universities don't just want to see the results that are written out on paper. They want to know that you REALLY WANT to do what you're applying for. Get out there and get some experience; whether it be voluntary or a role in care. A Student Paramedic may have all the grades, but 80% of the job is effective communication! DO YOUR RESEARCH - Look into the role of the Paramedic and the continual changes to the profession. What important changes have occurred over the last 10 years? Why? Why has the role developed from that of an 'Ambulance Driver' to the present, of an Autonomous Clinician?

If there is a Community First Responder scheme in your area, I'd highly recommend looking into it. Not only will this give you an insight into the profession (and confirm whether or not this is the career you wish to pursue!), but it will give you vital experience, by working with people in possibly their most critical time of need.

Wishing all future applicants the best!

Feel free to leave any comments below if anyone needs any more information or direction. :thumbup:
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