Study Buddy anyone???!?!

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Study Buddy anyone???!?!

Post by abbeyleighb »

Hi everyone,

I currently doing Access to Midwifery and have so far completed the psychology units and now on my first biology assignment.

Anyone out there in need of a study buddy to support and motivate each other??

If so please get it touch.

kind regards,


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Re: Study Buddy anyone???!?!

Post by fcarcher89 »

Hi Abbey,
I have completed biology and now onto psychology.
Interested in your offer for a study buddy as we have completed the modules the other hasn't!
Let me know :)

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Re: Study Buddy anyone???!?!

Post by PPoskitt »

Be sure to check out this pinned 'Study Buddy' post, which would be worth commenting in. Your post may reach a wider audience.

Topic here --> ... f=3&t=4482

All the best :thumbup:
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