Human reproductive biology taq 1

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Human reproductive biology taq 1

Post by marie155 »

Hi all,
I am struggling on taq 1 asking for structure and function or male and female systems.
My tutor has said I can't use bullet points or tables as it needs to be an account and needs to be in paragraphs but I am struggling trying to fit the word count. No matter how clear and concise I am being I'm still way over the word count!
Any help would be great.

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Re: Human reproductive biology taq 1

Post by j.preece »

Hi Marie155
It is a difficult one with the word counts and you just need to be very concise and to the point - we understand that you may not be able to include every single organ or function but a sensible range for both male and female and some detail of their function is what is required.
Hope that helps a little, Janet

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