Radiology Texts

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Radiology Texts

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Anyone got any clues for sources in Radiology. The questions are very specific so presumably, there's a recommended text.
Specifically TAQ 1.5. I'm extremely frustrated and puzzled as to how I'm expected to find the answer. I wouldn't think trawling through Google and hoping that the answers are Level 3 is the correct methodology.
EDIT: Also where can I get level 3 info on 3D sonography? Help!!!

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Re: Radiology Texts

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Hi Max,
There is quite a lot on it in the library so this shouldgive you a starting point

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Re: Radiology Texts

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The TAQs do contain a few useful links below. It is also worth looking at some of the NHS guidance, generally aimed at patients but some are quite detailed and suitable for this question on X rays, such as: ... raphy.aspx

For 3 D sonography, again use the links beneath the TAQ. Also: ... soundx.htm
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