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Hi everyone,

Just updating you on how I've been doing since I started at salford in September. I can't believe the year is almost over already ! As an student adult nurse I've got to see quite a bit. My first placement was the gastroentrology unit, my second was the renal unit and I'm now on my final at the trauma orthopedic ward at Bolton.

Everyone seems so nice and helpful although it is so important that I maintain responsibility for my own extra learning activities. I've managed to get on theatre induction in a week and hope I can get several other spoke placements in pathology and with the tissue viability nurse.

I've got to see a couple of procedures at hope hospital which were really neat, and I am thinking that I may want to end up being a theatre nurse....we'll see with 2 years left and lots of stuff to learn !

I've learned everything from patient hygiene, intravenous medication prep, medicine rounds, the normal blood pressure and stats, and Asceptic non touch technique and much more ! Still trying to get used to the shift changes...but that's ok...I just try to make sure I get my much needed sleep!

I can say that it's been the best year of my life so far...finally getting to make a dream come true.

Hope you all do the same


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Re: update

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Brilliant to hear from you, and so well done it is great to hear from exstudents

Karen :D :D :D
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