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Hi everyone.

Please if someone could help me concerning the Individual learning Plan :?: . I know it sounds as a strange question but I am not sure how to construct it.Some suggestion would be welcome. 8)

Thanks again


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This is what I sent to my students:

* ILPs - these are your timetables for completing the Diploma. They must be kept update, and they must be followed. If you thought you'd get English done in a week, and you are still on it 2 months later, then now's the time to update it. In order to complete it:

* look on the DLC page for your pathway (everybody's is different, so I can't go through each one here)
* see which modules are compulsory, and make a note of them (usually this is 42 credits)
* work out how many credits you will then have to make up from the options (usually this is 18)
* make a note of the options you want to take. DO NOT put down English level 3 UNLESS you are on the teaching pathway
* work out how many weeks you have left until you need to complete. If you are wanting to finish for June you will know how much time you have left (12 weeks). If you want to complete for November, you have between 3 and 4 weeks to complete every 6 credits. Remember you will need to aim to finish for the 1st November. IT will not take you very long - you should be able to complete it in a day.
* complete the ILP using the info you have gathered. Replace 'time planned' with 'DEADLINE' - you're more likely to keep to it
* upload it onto your myDLC page, and keep a copy of it with your work so you can check you're keeping to your deadlines.

So basically, work out how many weeks you've got left (say you're taking 12 months, so you've got 52. Don't forget to take into account any holidays you're going to take), and divide that by how many credits you've got.

And make sure you give yourself some wiggle room too - don't work up to the wire incase you fall behind or have resubmissions.

This is what I sent to a student recently who has a year to complete and wants to work for the full 52 weeks:

I've given you a couple of days for IT, 5 weeks for every 6 credit module, 10 weeks for Biology, 3 weeks for 3 credit level 3 modules, 4 weeks breathing space, and nearly 2 weeks for the exam.

Your modules are:

English - 6 credits
Maths - 6 credits
IT - 3 credits

= 15 at level 2

Communications - 6 credits

= 21 credits by the time you have finished with me

Biology 1 - 15 credits
Biology 2 - 6 credits

= 42 credits by the time you've finished with your Biology tutor

Research Methods and Statistics - 6 credits
Biological Health and Disease - 6 credits
Adolescence, Adulthood, and Old Age - 3 credits
Psychopathology - 3 credits (this is one out of the 2 assessments)

= 60 credits by the time you've finished with your Psychology/Sociology tutor

Really hope this helps! It's very much for you, so play about with it. Make sure you ask your tutor to check it if you're unsure of anything
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