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Uni update

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hie guys
i thought i would just post an update on how iam finding uni. When i first started i had hopped to do it every every week but there is just too much to do and so much to take in, but to be honest once in while, i just find myself reading post on the forum. i guess its my way of saying i miss you all. All my Tutors were great and i am gratefull of all the help i recieved and i will recommend the course to any one who want to do it.

uni is great and iam enjoying it and a lots of students in my class have done an access course to get thru and to be honest iam glad i did it as well. i would not have gone thru to do the degree firstly because i do not have A-Levels and secondly i think i would have strugled with essay writting and all literature search and the referencing staff.

And now i do understand why Uni want more distinctions in biology related subject, one of my semester 1 module is all about what i did in Human Biology System and we are going to write an exam in December so i will probably be getting all my units out for revision, especially the circulatory system, the respirattory system. So for those who do question the DLC course and the study material, i say if your chosen uni accept the course gor for it and work hard you will get there. at one point i thought i will never finish the course, with three kids and working full time i finallly did it.

one of my first assignment is on communication, verbal and non verbal comm, so you can imagine how broad my smile :) :) was because i had done the module with Dlc.

too much about theory, i am starting my placement on Monday so i cant wait to apply theory to practice.

i do say though guys sort out your finances in advance because the funding is not great. many people are having to apply for the maintanance loan from the students finance which you have to pay back when you start working.
and those with kids think about your child care in advance.

i will update you after my placement.
oh for those who dont know me iam studying adult nursing at Wolverhampton uni. :D :D :D

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Re: Uni update

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Brilliant to hear from you and I do hope your placement goes well.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Karen :D
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