time scales

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time scales

Post by jennifercobden »

hey! just started my access to nursing course, i work full time (nights) and have set my self a 6 month deadline in order to start uni in september, is this a realistic time frame? has anyone else completed in this time??
thanks :)

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Re: time scales

Post by Mrsjprice »

It depends on what grades you want to get.

I personally haven't heard of anyone finishing in less than 8 months and that was very hardwork.

I could be wrong though and others may have done it that I'm not aware of.

That's an incredible amount of work though to do in a short space of time espcially if you want distinctions.


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Re: time scales

Post by Karen Hayday »

I agree, we have had a couple do it in 6 months working on it full time, well every hour god give actualy but, if you work as well.... I would give myself time to do justace to the work and get the best grades possible. Universities keep moving the goal posts and very few if any accept mainly passes.

Hope that this helps

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