Life at Uni - Physiotherapy :-D

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Life at Uni - Physiotherapy :-D

Post by rml123 »

Hey all

Thought I'd pop back on and let everybody know how I am getting on. Sorry it has taken me a while but the last couple of months have been pretty full on!

I started Physiotherapy at Coventry at the end of September. They've certainly not broken us in to it slowly!! The course is pretty intense at the moment as they are trying to cram us all with enough anatomy and pathophysiology early on so that we can start understanding and applying this knowledge to a clinical setting.... but, I can honestly say... I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE!... I still get those days where I feel I just can't do it, but I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.

One thing that I am really grateful for is the structure of the DLC course and such detail as it's emphasis on referencing and how exam questions etc are structured. I feel that I am so much more advanced and prepared for the academic side of life than many of the people on my course. You really do not appreciate how well thought out some of the tasks that are set by the DLC are relevant until you reach Uni. I am not phased at all by the essay assignments I've got coming up (1000-1500 words... pah! I can do that in my sleep now) and the assessment questions are set up in exactly the same style as what DLC have set me before. It all seems so familiar and not scary :)

I am so pleased that I chose the DLC as my route into Uni... it is a really tough course at times, but it was definitely worth it!

Good luck everyone with your chosen course
(1st Year Physio Coventry Uni)

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Re: Life at Uni - Physiotherapy :-D

Post by Mrsjprice »

Hey Becky and thanks for the update, I'm glad your loving it!! :)

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Re: Life at Uni - Physiotherapy :-D

Post by tmouncher »

Thanks for the post, so glad it's going well! I'm so nervous and I feel sick thinking I might not get to where you are. I'm applying to Cardiff and it is my only option as a mature student, so no pressure! Hope it continues to go well for you :D

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