Adult or Child Nursing ???

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Adult or Child Nursing ???

Post by misslauraloo »

Hi everyone,
I am a bit undecided at the minute whether to apply for adult or child nursing. I know that may sound a bit strange but I am currently in two minds about what I would like to do, neonatal nursing or to become a midwife! I was advised by a friend to become a nurse first before becoming a midwife and then looked into neonatal nursing and thought that sounded like something I'd love to do! I've also heard that adult nuring is referred to as 'general nursing' is this true?
Thanks in advance for any replies!! :-)
Laura xx

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Re: Adult or Child Nursing ???

Post by Mrsjprice »

You can't do the conversion into midwifery with a degree in children's nursing, it has to be adult nursing.

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Re: Adult or Child Nursing ???

Post by Loopy »

For me there are much more job opportunities with adult nursing (no offence intended to anyone). Also, just being able to talk to adults and understand what they are feeling.
In terms of neonates - I have heard of adult nurses going straight into neonatal nursing with no conversion.

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Re: Adult or Child Nursing ???

Post by stublue »

Hi Loopy,

Here are the 'facts' as I see them; Adult Nursing opens all the doors. If you start on this part of the registrar then you can qualify else where. Unfortunately The NMC restrict this these days to two. For example you may be RN (adult) and RN (mental Health). It is true that before project 2000 and up till very recently the adult nurse was called a 'General Nurse' or RGN. (insistently this is still seen in job adverts on occasion.). My advice would be to undertake your degree in adult nursing, and then see where you want to go from there. Conversions normally take eighteen months and I have seen recently in the nursing times and RCN magazine that there may be opportunities for this course to be paid for and you would also get a salary. All things being equal your best option in my opinion is an adult nursing course and further I would advice a degree as the HND (Diploma) is fast becoming a thing of the past. I hope this helps you! Good luck!!!!

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Re: Adult or Child Nursing ???

Post by aims123 »

For me (starting children's nursing sep 2012) I could only ever see myself doing children's nursing as I have always worked with children. I also know I could not find the same passion in caring for adults. However if you are unsure I assume this means you could see yourself working with both adults and children, in this case I guess that adults nursing would be the best option for you because of all the 'doors' it seems to open. Let us know what you decide, good luck with your decision :D

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