My update - 3 months into uni

Find out what happens after the course. What is it like at University? What about careers after that.
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My update - 3 months into uni

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HI all
Just wanted to say, after finishing my course in time for October moderation, I finally started uni in January, not after a fight with occupational health, ucas cancelling my application because they can't quite comprehend thatnot everyone goes to sixth form and gets their results/certificates in September and getting the uni to change my status to 'offer' even though it had already been a conditional offer prior to ucas doing their mistakes. Nonetheless it all got sorted in the end but was quite stressful.

I am loving my degree course so far, and up until last week,every lecture on biology (and psychology) I had already covered in this course. Last week was the renal system and kidneys. Beleive me, we have had a lot of biology lectures since starting. My knowledge of biology, which I of course always use my dlc assignments for pre-reading has exceeding expectations of the lecturers (many comments and positive feedback to assignments and contribution to lectures). Many of the other students who also did access, but at colleges have not covered even a quarter of what we as dlc students do in the whole of biology 1 so this course really does set you up well. I am so glad I did my course with dlc, some of my fellow students call me 'the professor' lol but seriously, it does set you up really well, if you put the work in now. I gained distinctions in every single module in this course and put a great amount of work in, reading an awful lot of books and websites.

In total this course took me 18 months, partially down to my under-estimation of the reading required for biology but also because of working full time and looking after 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog! You do hae to be diciplined with yourself and set time aside.
Anyway, enough about me. Good luck to you all, keep at it and most of all, enjoy it! It's a fantastic course!

Loopy x
p.s.where can I find the course evaluation form?

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Re: My update - 3 months into uni

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I just wanted to say thank you for adding this on the forum, I am coming to the end of my studies and it is hard going but I know it will be a great foundation for university (if I ever get there). Well done on gaining entry into uni and so glad you are enjoying it.
Thanks for your post it has given me some motivation to get on with the studies and stop procastinating lol.
Caroline X

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Re: My update - 3 months into uni

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hie all
i agree with you. im glad i did the access with Dlc. i started my Degree last september and i am in second semester now. Last Friday's Lecture was all about The digestive System which i all enjoyed coz it was like revision to me especialy when we are going to have an exam on anatomy and physiology. 8-) 8-)
wish you all the best. i am enjoying every minute of it. :D :D

Mollene ( BSc Adult Nursing)

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