BCU & Cov students

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BCU & Cov students

Post by Healy2013 »

Hi just wondering if there are any DLC students who are now at BCU or COV, dont seem to know anyone who has took the DLC route. I've just enrolled onto the access to midwifery hoping to get into BCU or COV.

Fiona :-))

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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by Karen Hayday »

Well yes a lot has gone to both.

Karen :)
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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by Tracy1980 »


I finished my course in June and start at BCU for adult nursing next month. I applied for both BCU and Cov and got offers from both but I decided BCU was where I wanted to go as I much prefer the Uni and the facilities. For BCU my offer was based on getting 24 credits at merit/distinction and Coventrys offer was 24 at distinction. The interview at BCU was easier too, very simple maths and English test and an interview where they ask you 5 set questions which were very straightforward. Coventry has quite an intense maths test - 30 questions and you can only get 5 wrong and then it was a group interview.
I will let you know how the course goes at BCU and if you have any questions then just PM me.

Good luck with the course!! It took me 2 years but got there in the end and is so worth it!


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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by vsadd88 »

Hi Fiona,

It's reassuring to see someone from DLC applying to BCU. Which nursing will you be applying for and what year? I will be applying to children's at BCU for the Jan 2015 intake (hopefully!!)

Tracy, how are you getting on at BCU? I hope that you're enjoying it!


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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by MrJay87 »


I know this thread was posted quite some time ago. I used to be a student at BCU studying Children's Nursing.

Vsadd88 - If you are still intending to apply this year for the 2015 intake and would like some advice on the interview process, let me know. :)
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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by PPoskitt »

Interested to hear from any Coventry students that started with a DLC course :)
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Re: BCU & Cov students

Post by nurse1989 »

I also have a conditional offer to study nursing at BCU. I loved it when I went there for the interview and all the staff were really friendly and encouraging, good luck xx

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