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Find out what happens after the course. What is it like at University? What about careers after that.
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Started Uni

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Hi All,

I thought I would drop by and say hello and let you all know how uni is going! I keep having to pinch myself, I am actually at uni studying Adult Nursing!! I just want to say that uni is great, it is everything I imagined it to be and more. The DLC Access course really sets you up well for uni work and independant study. We have Anatomy and Physiology tests weekly and I have found them relitively easy as the DLC Bio assessments went into quite alot of detail. Funnily enough, there is another student in my group that also studied with the DLC, small world!! I would just like to say a big thankyou to staff and other students for all the support I received during my time with DLC and wish everyone who is embarking on the course the very best of luck. Just to add when you get that assignment and think 'I just can't do this' take a break, get on the forum, speak to other students who are feeling or have felt exactly the same. Call your tutor get some advice and support. You really can do it, it's not easy but stick with it, it really is worth it in the end. :D Good Luck

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Re: Started Uni

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Thank you for the update :) I hope it all goes ok for you.

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Re: Started Uni

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Thank you for the post, a huge motivator for all I'm sure :) Glad you're enjoying university and that it's everything you hoped it to be! All the best with your course and for the future :)
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